In our school, we celebrate being part of God’s family.
We inspire our children with a love of learning in a safe, happy
environment, which will enable them to flourish and
reach their individual potential.

Baildon, Shipley, West Yorkshire BD17 6TE

tel: 01274 598540,

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School Council

The school has an active school council with class representatives from EYFS2 to Year 6. Each class has one representative who has been elected by their peers. They have a very important role in school as they represent the views of all pupils to try and make the school a better place. Each class discusses issues and ideas for improvements to the school in PSHE lessons. It is then the job of the school council members to bring these to the council meetings for consideration. The meetings are held on a half termly basis and led by Miss Patternson.


It is important that all the children’s ideas are discussed but they are then prioritised and taken to Mrs Connor and Mrs Smith. The school council members then feedback any decisions or outcomes of the meetings to the rest of their class.