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Eco Council




At Baildon Primary we take the environment seriously.  We have set up an Eco council as we are working towards Eco School status.  The council is changed every 12 months so that children are given the opportunity to be a part of it.

The Eco-Schools scheme gives the children the insight of how their actions as a citizen effect the environment around them. Being an eco school means looking at how our school impacts upon the environment and how this is decided upon and can be managed.

Last year pupils on the eco council worked with a local environmental group and carried out a litter pick.  The litter pick was first conducted within the school grounds, then outside in the local community.  The children then created posters to put up around the school and local community reminding people of how to dispose of rubbish appropriately.



Our Action Plan for the future

  • To encourage people to switch off electrical items once they have finished using them.
  • To continue using a composter – encourage the kitchen to use one to get rid of the food wastage.
  • To set up a nature club, to look at encouraging animals in to the school grounds and providing shelters for them.
  • To encourage the school to use the recycle bins available for different products – plastic, paper and general waste.
  • To continue to plant a variety of fruit and vegetables and use them within school cooking club.
  • To encourage the school to use the school environment and local community to enhance the curriculum.