In our school, we celebrate being part of God’s family.
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Events in EYFS


Bob the Builder

Mr Pollard alias (Bob the Builder) came into school to show the children how to build a wall, put tiles on a roof, hammer nails into wood and use a drill. The children asked him questions that they had written earlier about building a house. Later that week, they all wrote thank you letters to Mr Pollard telling him about their favourite part of the afternoon which was generally when they used his hammer or drill!


Chinese New Year

Last year we made flags, cards, dragons, lanterns and tried to draw some Chinese numbers. We watched Baildon Barnaby Bear’s visit to China on the interactive white board and acted out the Chinese New Year story in PE. During the day all the children had the opportunity to prepare and eat Chinese Food with chop sticks. Some were very successful! A good day was had by all.


Forest Schools

Early Years Foundation 1 have been involved in activities based on Forest Schools. They worked in our extensive school grounds  looking for bugs, made fairy houses and climbed trees in amongst lots of other activities!




Early Years Foundation Stage 2 children have the opportunity to take part in an after school baking club. It is always a great success and there are some junior ‘master chefs’ are in the making!


Annual ‘virtual summer trip’ to Italy.

This is how the day went last year :

They departed from ‘Mr Holliday airport’ and were flown by Captain Holliday & Captain Hanson to Rome  where they spent the day making pizzas, buying Italian food, making pasta necklaces, Italian flags and ice cream and many more activities . The children then ate their dinner at the outdoor Italian restaurant (the outdoor classroom) thanks to a big effort from the school ‘s kitchen staff.



They had great fun and learned a bit of Italian along the way. The flight home was not delayed by the recent ash cloud from Iceland and the children arrived just in time to be collected by mums and dads at home time. A good time was had by all.


Freehand puppet theatre

Last year they performed ‘Who’s been sitting in my chair?’ All the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed it. Comments made by the children during the show where; “That’s awesome!”, “How did he do that?” and “Can we make a puppet like that?” We all made puppets later that day.


Ugly Bug Ball

The children in Early Years Foundation Stage 2 had a wonderful day last July when they all came to school dressed as a mini beast for our Ugly Bug Ball. The children moved liked mini beasts in PE and wrote about the animal they were dressed up as. In the afternoon the children tasted all the food that the Hungry caterpillar ate in the story. During our feast, the children judged the food and decided how healthy the food was.


World Book Day

The children in Early Years Foundation Stage 2 dress as characters from  fairytales for world book day and Mr Curtin the head teacher, came to read them a story at the end of the day.