In our school, we celebrate being part of God’s family.
We inspire our children with a love of learning in a safe, happy
environment, which will enable them to flourish and
reach their individual potential.

Baildon, Shipley, West Yorkshire BD17 6TE

tel: 01274 598540,

fax: 01274 530018,


Parent Workshops

 Parent Information Evening September 2018

Reception New Curriculum Information Evening.1.pdf

Year 1 Curriculum Evening 2018.pdf

Year 2 Curriculum Evening 2018.pdf

Year 3 Curriculum Evening 2018.pdf

Year 4 Curriculum Evening 2018.pdf

Year5 Curriculum Evening 2018.pdf


Nursery Information Evening May 2018

Parents 23rd May 2018 MC.ppt

A Day in the life of Nursery.pdf


Phonics Workshop 2018

Phonics 2018.pdf


KS1 SATS Information Evening 2018

Key Stage 1 SATs Workshop 2018.ppt


Key Stage 2 SATs Information Evening 2018

Key Stage 2 SATs Workshop 2018.ppt


ROBINWOOD Information Workshop

Robinwood Information January 2018.pdf


Maths Workshops 2017-2018

Maths evening Reception Spring 2018.pptx

KS1 Parents sessions.pdf

KS2 Maths Parent Workshop PDF.pdf

LKS2 Maths Parents Session PDF.pdf


Reading Events 2017-2018 

Reception Reading Evening 2017



Curriculum Event September 2017

Reception Curriculum Evening 2017.pdf

Year 1 Curriculum Evening 2017.pdf

Year 2 Curriculum Evening 2017.pdf

Year 2 Expectations.pdf

Year 3 Curriculum Evening 2017.pdf

Year 3 Expectations updated.pdf

Year 4 Curriculum Evening 2017.pdf

Year 4 Expectations.pdf

Year 5 Curriculum Evening 2017.pdf

Year 6 Curriculum Evening 2017.pdf

Year 6 Expectations.pdf


Year 4 Residential 2018 Information 

Year 4 Ingleborough Hall.pptx


Funding Information Meeting (May 2017)

Budget Information Session May 2017.pptx


KS1 SATs Workshop March 2017

KS1 Sats.pdf



KS2 2017.pdf


 Early Years Maths Information Session February 217

Maths Evening EYFS 2017.pptx

 Reception Reading Evening 2016.pptx

Reception New Curriculum Information Evening.pptx

Y1 New Curriculum Information Evening.pptx

Y2 New Curriculum Information Evening.pptx

Y3 New Curriculum Information Evening.pptx

Y4 New Curriculum Information Evening.pptx

Y6 New Curriculum Information Evening.pptx

Nursery Autumn Parents Informtation Sheet.pdf

Y1 Autumn Parents Information Sheet.pdf

Reception Autumn Parents Information Sheet.pdf

Y3 Autumn Parents Infomration Sheet.pdf

Y2 Autumn Parent Information Sheet.pdf

Y4 Autumn Parents Information Sheet.pdf

Y5 Autumn Parent Information Sheet.pdf

Y6 Autumn Parents Information Sheet.pdf

Baildon CE Primary School Reception Booklet.pdf

Baildon CE Primary School Year 1 Booklet.pdf

Baildon CE Primary School Year 2 Booklet.pdf

Baildon CE Primary School Year 3 Booklet.pdf

Baildon CE Primary School Year 5 Booklet.pdf

Baildon CE Primary School Year 4 Booklet.pdf

Baildon CE Primary School Year 6 Expectations.pdf

SATs Advice for Parents(from Government)

Key Stage 1 SATs Workshop for Parents March 2016

Key Stage 1 SATs Workshop

E- Safety - Top Tips.

This is the document which was shared by PC Luke Carson with parents at the E Safety Workshop on 8th February.

Top Tips

Cyber Awareness

Key Stage 2 SATs Workshop for Parents February 2016

KS2 SATs Workshop 


Year Group Expectations and Presentations September 2015

Year 1 Expectations

Year 1 Presentation

 Year 2 Expectations

Year 2 Presentation

Year 3 Expectations

Year 3 Presentation

Year 4 Expectations

Year 4 Presentation

Year 5 Expectations

Year 5 Presentation

Year 6 Expectations

Year 6 Presentation

Phonics Mat

Cursive Handwriting


Reading Evening September 2015

Reading Information


Maths Information Evening October 2015

Maths in Early Years 2015








KS2 SATs Information Session February 2015



Supporting your child with Reading February 2015




Maths Evening for Reception Parents October 2014



Reading Evening for Reception Parents October 2014



New Curriculum Information Evening September 24th 2014








Parent Information Sheets for Individual Classes linked to New Curriculum. Please note that whilst the New Curriculum is not statutory, we have produced sheets for both Year 2 and Year 6.














Please find below the Spelling Appendix from the New National Curriculum which lists spellings which children need to know.