In our school, we celebrate being part of God’s family.
We inspire our children with a love of learning in a safe, happy
environment, which will enable them to flourish and
reach their individual potential.

Baildon, Shipley, West Yorkshire BD17 6TE

tel: 01274 598540,

fax: 01274 530018,


About us

So what is so special about Baildon Church of England Primary School?  As you read through this web site you will see why we are so proud of our school, our children and their achievements.  At this school every child really does matter. Our curriculum and Christian ethos are designed to support and give children the skills they need to: stay safe, enjoy and achieve, follow a healthy lifestyle, prepare for their future, manage money and make a difference in the local community.

Baildon Church of England Primary is a two form entry school with learners joining the foundation stage and leaving at the end of Year 6.  The school is set in a beautiful area surrounded by hills and moorland and receives children from a wide catchment area which reflects the popularity of the school and the high regard the wider community has for the school.


The school buildings have recently had a major upgrade and have been partially rebuilt. They are set in extensive and beautiful grounds and are the ideal setting for a child's early, and vital, years in education. We have developed our outside play spaces so that children can relax, play and learn in the best environment we can provide.

Baildon Church of England Primary school is committed to being an inclusive school - ensuring opportunities for all pupils and staff regardless of race, gender or disability. All of our children are special and unique and we celebrate and develop all the gifts and talents that our children have.  The school has dedicated and hard-working staff who aim to provide high quality education to enable all our children to fulfil their potential through excellent teaching and stimulating lessons that are fun and interesting, thus making learning an enjoyable experience.


It is the school's aim to maintain these very high standards, whilst constantly looking to develop and improve the curriculum and the quality of teaching.


It is also our aim to provide equality of opportunity for all pupils who should become increasingly responsible for their own learning and assessment and look to exceed their potential both personally and educationally. We are educating children to take their place in an ever changing world and it is important to develop pupils with self discipline, confidence and feeling of worth, being motivated to work independently and cooperativelly and make responsible decisions which show an awareness and regard for others and the world around them.


Life in school is always busy, however we always have time for a chat or a visit from those who have a concern about what we do.  We are dedicated to the happiness and achievement of all who come through our doors and strive to do our best at all times.  We look forward to working with you.


Mary Connor

Headteacher, Baildon Church of England Primary School.


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